Inside the tanks
Dolphins and whales are beautiful. Vital. Our ecosystems depend on them. But sadly they are rapidly disappearing. What is the cause you say? A deadly disease? No. Humans are keeping them in captivity, and are treating them like they think they are dead. Humans have taken over the beautiful world of the dolphin. One of the major aquariums that does this is Seaworld. This living nightmare for all marine life sadly refuses to close down, despite all the protests saying it’s unfair. Here in this article you will find all the reasons why seaworld is bad.

They lie to you
Yes, this is true. SeaWorld lies to you about lots of things. When the dolphins have a collapsed dorsal fin, they lie and say it is normal. Dolphins and Orcas in the wild rarely have collapsed dorsal fins unless they are ill, stressed or hurt. They say they are marine biologists but really they are nothing but performers. They also say that they keep the dolphins and whales in the right sized enclosures. They also say that as the dolphins are smiling it means that they are enjoying themselves, but true marine biologists, naturalists, etc would know that is the shape of their skull. It may look professional but it is just a trap to get more money.

Everything is wrong with the cages.
Poor, poor dolphins. The performers say the cages are the right size for them (as I previously spoke about) but really they are far too small. At SeaWorld, whales, dolphins and orcas are put in cages, approximately the size of 350 feet. In the sea, they can go up to 100 miles per day. Also they are separated from their parents at birth, which causes them to bite on the glass which makes their teeth fall out and hurt or even kill the performers. Tilikum, an orca with a very tricky life, was known to kill 3 members of staff due to stress. They also put chlorine in the cages which hurts their eyes and their skin. They are not deep enough so their skin peels off as it is very sensitive to sunlight but the performers paint their skin so that no one suspects anything.

They are given drugs
This might sound unbelievable but it’s true. They are actually given drugs at SeaWorld. The females are given drugs to make babies and if they don’t perform, they will inject drugs into their skin. The performers said it helped beat chronic stress. These drugs include contraceptives, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines, which is appalling. They are also frequently fed antibiotics which could be fatal.

Please don’t go to Dolphin shows and please sign this petition so that the shows can be stopped and dolphins and whales can be given a happier life.
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