Hi everyone, today I wanted to tell you about something amazing I saw in my back garden, and it was truly one of the best things I have seen in my life! So I was watching YouTube (Don’t think I am lazy, I love to be active) and then my mum called out “DRAGONFLY! COME HERE, CLARA” So I came, and it was really amazing! It was a female dragonfly, laying eggs on one of our many sunflowers. It was so amazing! My mum asked me to do some research, and I found out that they actually like to lay eggs on flowers that have been watered because they think that it is near a pond! It was still amazing, because I have never seen anything like it! Unfortunately I do not have a photo, but I will tell you what it looked like. It was bobbing up and down on the sunflowers, which means it was laying eggs. Mummy said that sadly they would die, because there wasn’t water near us, and they need water. * I’m feeling incredibly guilty about misleading a rather stunning Dragonfly (I am utterly convinced it was a green Emperor Dragonfly but Clara thinks it was brown – her blog her decision!!) I usually water the pots in the evening but had to give the courgettes a good old soak which obviously confused the female insect of undecided colour – Mum. *

Also here I am on my holiday to CenterParcs (English and Irish nature holiday). * We would all recommend Centerparcs as a great nature-loving holiday for those who prefer bricks to canvas. We spotted Roe deer, a mouse, rabbits, lots of water birds and Dad saw a badger – Mum *

My brother eating an ice-cream

Dyson (My dog) is in a suitcase
We went canoeing

Heron in the lake
Me and Theo exploring the woods!
It is a dead sparrow which my dog bought in this morning! You can see it’s scull!

This is from my 6 year old brother Theo

This looks very disgusting :$ but it’s very fascinating! 🙂