I have loved nature my whole life probably because my Granny had encouraged me (Granny if you’re reading this, thank you) when I was about 18 months, I could recognise all the waterbirds (E.G Kingfisher, heron mallard etc)and then when I went to pre-school, there was a book, that I read, and I could recognise the birds without reading what they were. I grew up with the same personality. One day, I saw a hare, and it came right up to me! Then another time, I saw a great crested newt! A few years later, on the 2nd of June, 2018, BBPA came along! BBPA is my society. (Bond Between People And Animals) We make magazines then sell them at school. All the money goes to charity. I once did a presentation to the whole of the upper juniors! When I raised £16.11 for turtle doves I was able to present it to RSPB’s Mark Ward ( Editor of nature’s home)and he said the turtle doves need the money I made. I was also diagnosed with Asperger’s recently which was a big impact on my life. the reason why I want to write a blog was to let people know about my passion, then have it too. I really hope you follow me, then see my future posts. Clara xxx