Hi, mini naturalists, (This is my first post) today I just wanted to speak to you about just being out in nature. Firstly, I wanted to say, though, thank you for reading this.

Nature is powerful. It helps us with our stress. It enriches our curiosity to an even wider length. Just a small walk in the woods can change anyone!

People think nature is boring, but if there was no such thing as nature, you wouldn’t be alive! I find lots of things very stressful and when I get stressed, I look at the birds in my garden for a few minutes, and I feel so much calmer. Going on walks (or bike rides, or walking the dog) decreases my stress, by about 95%.

I have literally loved nature my whole, entire life, and when I go on walks, it makes me feel free, and tranquil. I wish everyone would see that too.

Have a wonderful day! Love Clara xxx